Original/Erotic Fiction

UCAC: United Cybernetic Air Core: A troubled young man apart of a vast military group is struck by tragedy after tragedy as he endures the hardships of being apart of a pioneering military experiment. Reaching his breaking point, he goes on a journey of self discovery only to find out that he couldn't escape hardship. He consequently embarks on a mission that could change the world, uncovering, dark, dark secrets...

UCAC: United Cybernetic Air Core - Chapter 1
UCAC: United Cybernetic Air Core - Chapter 2
UCAC: United Cybernetic Air Core - Chapter 3
UCAC: United Cybernetic Air Core - Chapter 4
UCAC: United Cybernetic Air Core - Chapter 5
UCAC: United Cybernetic Air Core - Chapter 6
UCAC: United Cybernetic Air Core - Chapter 7

Jeurridam: A young man, kept a slave for most of his life, harbors many secrets that could change the world!!!! Hidden things are brought to the surface when something of his is stolen and he is drawn to do anything to get it back! He finds help along the way, people to beleive in what he sought to do. It sparks the birth of a journey but horrid twists at every turn keep the young man in the god forsaken city... 

Jeurridam: The Arizona Paradise - Chapter 1
Jeurridam: The City of Rust - Chapter 2
Jeurridam: The Outskirts - Chapter 3 
Jeurridam: Sloan - Chapter 4
Jeurridam: A Fool's Paradise - Chapter 5
Jeurridam: The Corridor - Chapter 6
Jeurridam: Henderson - Chapter 7
Jeurridam: Area 51 - Chapter 8
Jeurridam: Primm Road - Chapter 9
Jeurridam: Dredge Valley - Chapter 10
Jeurridam: The Vault Matrix - Chapter 11
Jeurridam: The Hoover Dam - Chapter 12
Jeurridam: The Acid Swamp - Chapter 13
Jeurridam: Red Canyon Finale Pt 1 - Chapter 14
Jeurridam: Wastelands Finale Pt 2 - Chapter 15

Dark Stag: A young Illisian man hunts for his survival until he becomes the hunted. Sold into slavery, he strikes luck when an Illisian law official shows him favor. However, the law official could only do so much and the Illisian becomes used for his talents... he's an adept animal trainer! His work gains him favor with the royal family and he gains many freedoms. Sadly, he learns of horrible things that he could in no way accept! He loses his morals as he goes on a conquest to take this empire down, from the inside...   

Dark Stag: Chapter 1
Dark Stag: Chapter 2
Dark Stag: Chapter 3
Dark Stag: Chapter 4
Dark Stag: Chapter 5
Dark Stag: Chapter 6
Dark Stag: Chapter 7
Dark Stag: Chapter 8
Dark Stag: Chapter 9
Dark Stag: Chapter 10
Dark Stag: Chapter 11
Dark Stag: Chapter 12
Dark Stag: Chapter 13
Dark Stag: Chapter 14
Dark Stag: Chapter 15
Dark Stag: Chapter 16
Dark Stag: Chapter 17

Temporum: A trapped spirit wanders limbo trying to find a way to pass onto the other side after many, many grueling trials. A string of freak accident ties him to several people as he notices these accidents affect only a special group... Open ones... He makes it his personal mission to get to the bottom of these terrible events only to find out a great and dark power is behind it... One that must be dealt with by a theistic force... 

Temproum: The Open One - Chapter 1


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