"Dark Stag" - Chapter 11


            The golden skinned man continued to sit at the receptionist desk. He didn’t seem happy to have someone turning into the brothels. He continued to write, and sort through papers, growing more upset the further he went along. He paused before reaching for a pair of glasses. They were circular glasses, that added more symmetry to this already gorgeous, gorgeous face of his!
“I don’t need this right now…” He sighed, “MARDEE!”
            A very large man came from the rear.
“Yes boss?” He asked.
“I have to go check in this new guy…” Devari, the golden skinned man, said back.
“Alright boss.” The large man said back, sitting at a chair behind the desk. Davari got up, rolling his eyes.
“Come on…” He said to me. I got up following.
            He led me through a set of double doors, down a long warehouse corridor. He said nothing to me as he took me to a room, a room similar to a doctor’s office.
“Take off all your clothes.” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“Take off… your… clothes!” He demanded, not looking enthused at all. Nervous, I did so. I only was wearing tights and slippers anyway.
            Devari looked at me, seemingly shocked by my body in its full glory. In all honesty, I felt so vulnerable. Those eyes he had showed such predatory intent. He then sighed, opening a drawer. He pulled out measuring tape and a clip board.
“Step up on the scale…” He said. I looked around for it, seeing the teetering scale in the rear, “GET ON THE SCALE!”
            His impatience startled me! I did so, standing on the scale. He balanced it, gauging my weight, “One hundred eighty two pounds…” He said, extending out the height measurement, tool, “sixty nine, point… five inches,” He then grabbed my hand, pulling me off of the scale. He wrote down the measurements as he reached for the measuring tape.
            He wrapped it around my chest.
“Forty five.” He said, moving it down to my waist, “twenty eight,” Then wrapping it around my hips, “forty two” He measured each of my thighs, “twenty six,” arms, “Fifteen…” He wrote it all down. He stared at it all, seemingly shocked! There was one box left unchecked. He slowly turned, looking at my penis. Those glaring eyes of his were so intense as we stared. His lip curled as though he didn’t approve of having to deal with my member. He sighed, going back into the drawer for gloves. My stomach began to twist into knots as I realized what was about to happen.
            He gently grabbed my male parts, continuing to look at them intently. He bounced my testicals in his hands as though he were testing their weight. His look of reluctance gave way to confusion as he measured the length from the base of my scrotum to where my balls hang. He wrote it down before coming back to measure my penis.
“You’re well endowed…” He said. I said nothing, hating the way he touched me. It was so cold, robotic, industrious. He could hear the nervous breathing I was producing, looking up at my face, “You nervous?” I nodded, “Don’t be… You’ll get used to this all, very, very soon.”
            That statement did not make me feel better! I didn’t want any of what was coming my way! This man already saw more of me than what I could ever wish and it was only going to get worse from this point on.
“Stay naked… I’ll be back.” He said. He left, the examining room becoming extremely quiet. Minutes later talking down the hall caught my attention.
“I swear I met him before…” Devari began.
“Maybe you have…” Someone else said.
“No, I would have remembered him! His stats… all perfect… The perfect body, perfect face, suple skin, perfect proportions…” Devari said back.
            The door opened, Devari being followed by a man with a lab coat, slacks and polo shirt on. The man in the lab coat froze, staring at me up and down.
“Whoa…” He said softly.
“I told you.” Devari said, with an eyebrow curl. The man in the lab coat walked past me, over to the clipboard. He read my stats, looking back and forth between me and it.
“I can already tell you, he’s going to be high profile…” The doctor said.
“He seems… shy… I’m not sure yet.” Devari said back, staring at me intently.
“I’ll get him the vaccines he needs then he’ll be good to go. You hit the jackpot my friend!” The doctor said.
“Vaccines for what?” I asked. The doctor looked at me, shocked.
“He knows the tongue?” He asked.
“Look here,” Devari said, getting up with a warm smile, “Rule number one for working here. Don’t speak unless spoken too, alright?” He caressed my face, bringing his forehead to mine. I nodded. He nuzzled his nose against mine, smiling and chuckling.
            I thought he was going to kiss me. It made my heart race with fear. I didn’t want to betray Richard even though I already did. I slept with Mercury which was a grave mistake. However, if it meant he would be wrapped around my finger then so be it. I needed his cooperation with all of this. Plus, I had to remember that Richard and I were NOT together. Still I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was doing him wrong! 
“Okay Mr. Perfect,” The doctor said, walking over to me with a number of syringes in a metal tray, “I’m going to give you two shots in each arm, and a shot in your tuckus…” I wanted to know why but the way Devari looked at me made me fear to even ask.
            I received the shots. They all were painful, something I wasn’t used to. What in these brothels would make me need these vaccinations? On a second thought, maybe it was not worth knowing.
“What is your name?” Devari asked me.
“Summer…” I said back, not thinking much on it.
“Sure…” He smiled, “Let’s get you to your accommodations, Summer.” I nodded as he led me out of the examination room. We continued down a long corridor.
            I took note of every door I could find, reading every label. We then entered the main warehouse space, where the ceiling was incredibly high. There were crates everywhere, crates that rose up to the ceiling. The warehouse had windows just beneath the ceiling going all the way around. There were also guards walking catwalks high above the base level.
            As Devari lead me into the depths of this place, guards surround us. We reach the very center of the snaking paths where these large cages were. Inside them were people, all naked and looking quite rough! I scanned them all looking for my sister. She wasn’t one of them…  It was disappointing. What if I joined the wrong brothel? What if she had been traded?
            They stopped in front of an empty cell. A guard opened the door as a number of others shackled my feet and hands. They then pushed me in.
“Am I a prisoner?” I asked as the door closed. Devari smiled.
“Yes!” He said, leaving. As he did, the person in the cell next to mine walked over.
            He was a gigantic Nok man, one who was incredibly tall, muscular and robust. Between his legs was a penis so large it made my stomach hurt just staring at it! It slowly began to rise as he stared at me. A thin smile spread across his face. He stayed staring at me for hours. It was one of the most harrowing and intimidating sights. Why was he doing this?
            Would these people bring me food, water something to cover myself from this chill? Being naked made the most biting chill creep in. Eventually I went to sleep. The sleep was short lived as the sounds of metal clanking and screaming awakened me. Guards were seizing a sleeping woman from her cell. She put up a fight, screaming in her native tongue. Suddenly a bright white flash, blinded all in the warehouse! The screaming subsided, only sobbing continuing on.
            As I tracked them drag the woman away, it shocked me to the core to see the big black man still standing at the edge of his cell, watching me! As soon as we made eye contact, his penis lit up again.
“What the fuck…?” I asked myself, turning my back on the incredibly creepy man.
            Soon I heard the clanking of metal on my cell. I was hoisted up and dragged from my cell. The guards were incredibly forceful, pushing and shoving me as they corralled me into a shower! They scrubbed me down hard with dry soaps before slathering me with fragrances and oils. Still though they offered no clothing.
            They then led me into a room, a room full of pillows and bedding, a nice change from that cold hard warehouse floor. Devari was laying on the rear bed, wearing a thin silk robe and very small shorts. He had a baton in his hand, patting it against his thigh.
“Good morning, I hope you had a nice evening…” He smiled. I said nothing, looking at him as though he were crazy, “Today is the day where I break your will… You’ll learn an important lesson today… You belong to Felker Distribution… you belong to Devari Felker!” He pointed to himself before laughing so cynically. I looked at him, undaunted, “Bring him in boys…”
            The guards standing in front of the door opened it. The big black man from last night struggled into the door. He was collared. Several guards struggled to restrain him as he fought to get through. He then saw me standing there, free of shackles. The big black man suddenly gained the strength of all the men pulling against him. He fought towards me with such strength it frightened me! What would he do once he got ahold of me?
“Let him go boss?” Someone asked from the rear.
“Yeah!” Devari said, watching comfortable from his bed.
            The giant Nok man roared as the corralling poles around his neck dropped. He rushed towards me grabbing me by the waist and throwing me down. I screamed, the force shocking me! Even landing on the soft pillows hurt.
“It’d be best for you not to fight!” Devari smiled, watching as the giant Nok man climbed over me. He spread my ass his, massive penis pondering at my door steps. Tears cascaded down my cheeks as tried my hardest not to fight back. The giant began to slide his member deep into my walls. The lack of lubrication made this agonizing! I screamed out, trying to crawl away but a hand that encompassed what felt like my entire back kept me from moving and inch!
            It was intense, intense pain! It felt like I was about to be ripped open!
“Please, stop this!” I begged. Devari looked on in delight, feeling as though this was breaking me. I put up with the pain for as long as I could but the giant didn’t know his own size let alone his strength! With every ounce of strength I could muster, I elbowed him in the face. The giant roared, clenching his nose. I crawled away, fearing I may have awakened a monster. The giant looked at me, enraged. He grunted, rushing towards my feet. A big mistake!
            As he grabbed one of my legs, I sent the heel of my foot onto his jaw. The giant dropped on top of me. I then began to wrap my legs around his throat, wanting to kill the behemoth!
“No...No!!!!” Devari said. Guards rushed forward just as the giant was coming back to his senses. He hoisted me off the ground, roaring out as he tried to pry me off. However, I wasn’t going to give in!
            He grabbed my waist, squeezing down with so much strength, I thought he was going to crack a rib. I leaned forward, causing both of us to topple over. It put the great Nok man in a cumbersome position. With the bit of leverage I had gain, I twisted my entire body, hearing an audible crack! The giant stopped moving. I crawled off of him, panting hard. My heart was pounding from fear, this being the most terrified I had been in a while!
            Suddenly a shock went through my body. Guards began prodding me with their stun staves. I screamed out in agony as they laid down voltage.
“Okay…” Devari said, the guards stopping. Devari was on one knee, checking the pulse of the Nok man, “He’s dead… This motherfucker is dead!” Devari then looked at me upset. He drew his baton back, striking me with it forcefully, “DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS TO GET ONE OF THOSE AND YOU JUST KILLED HIM???”
            He loomed over me, seeing me sobbing holding my arm as I rolled in pain. He then had a realization.
“I can’t fucking use brute force to break you… That could ruin your look… you’re too perfect for that shit but damn you should have killed him. No who else am I going to use to train you?” He asked. I just stared at him, eyes wide and watery.
“Don’t look at me like that! It’s not going to work…” He said, having to turn away, “Where is… Where is Cren?”
“Cren is out on a two week escort…” A guard said.
“Stuben?” Devari asked.
“Same…” The same guard said back.
“Urso…” Devari continued.
“He doesn’t do males… We couldn’t break him to do so.” The guard said.
“The Mammoth?” Devari asked, growing frustrated.
“You’d have to pay him to fuck a man…” The guard chuckled.
“Pay him? Tell him he can bring his ass down here now or we’ll put him up for a contract termination…” Devari said, unphased… He sat on the pillows, using the dead body of the giant Nok man as a rest. He then turned to me, “We won’t use force for you any more… I promise…”
            It made me no different. This still felt so morally wrong. I watched as the guards pulled the body of the giant Nok man out. As they did, a huge westerner with a hairy chest and beard came through.
“What the fuck happened to him?” He asked. Devari pointed to me.
“Another Illisian? And a dude one? You know I don’t do Illisians.” The giant man said. Devari looked at me, looking intently.
“You’re an Illisian?” He asked, “But you’re so pale!”
“I’m half Illisian, a quarter Bantu and quarter White Persian…” I responded.
“Interesting combination…” Devari said, “Mammoth, I’d like you to meet Summer. He’s our newest member to the Felker Distribution family. You’re going to break him in!”
“Is that what Brawn of Nok tried to do? I don’t think he did so hot…” Mammoth said back, not enthused.
“Brawn of Nok was a bit too forceful, too hard…” Devari said.
“And I’ll be better because? I’ve seen what Brawn of Nok could do to someone who didn’t cooperate… If this Illisian could take him down, I don’t want nothing to do with him! And I’m only gay for pay…” Mammoth sighed.
“You do get paid… so you are gay!” Devari said. The Mammoth looked dismayed, rolling his eyes.
“Fine…” He said, not resting as much as I’d like him too. He took off his shirt, and pants revealing an incredibly well muscled body. He folded them neatly, placing them on a chair. He then slid out of his underwear. His penis was of similar size to the Brawn of Nok. However, his wasn’t erect. It just dangled there. He opened a cabinet grabbing a bottle of water and strange pills. He took them.
            Devari looked at me with this oddly warm smile.
“This is week one for you. This is going to be the week where you take penises of varying sizes… My friend The Mammoth here, has a thirteen and a half inch penis… He has one of the largest members in the entire industry, even bigger than Brawn of Nok’s…. If you can get through this week without hurting yourself or anyone else, you can get through the rest of this. This will be six weeks of training you in sexual acts. By the time we’re finished, you will be a master… a professional…” Devari explained.
            The Mammoth stroked his member, making it grow and grow and grow. He then grabbed a bottle of oil from the cabinet walking over to me.     
“You should feel honored! Seven foot one inches of three hundred thirty pounds of raw meat is about to go deep inside you!” Devari teased. I looked at him, wishing he’d shut up. The Mammoth got on his knees, sighing. He didn’t want to do this either. He kept coming forth, pouring the oil on his penis. 
            I backed away, not wanting that to go inside of me. The Mammoth’s member was bigger than Brawn of Nok’s and I couldn’t even handle Brawk of Nok’s!
“I’m not going to hurt you! Be a man and sit still…” The Mammoth said, grabbing my foot. I kicked him in the chin. He fell back.
“Hey Summer… Easy…” Devari said back. The Mammoth held his mouth, rolling around in pain.
“FUCK, that hurt…” He eventually said. He then looked at me, “I’m not doing this…”
“Both of you are being so difficult… Summer… It’s not that bad…” Devari said, taking off his robe, “If I can take it… you can take it…”
“Boss…?” A guard asked, “Isn’t this a breach of code?”
“If you hush your mouth, it isn’t…” Devari said, slipping out of his shorts. He was semi erect. The Mammoth smiled in delight.
“Now this is a turn on! I get to fuck my boss!” The Mammoth smiled.
            Devari smiled back, sitting on the Mammoth. He kissed the giant man, only to have the Mammoth wreath in pain.
“Wait…” He said, gently moving Devari over. The Mammoth went over to the mirror, seeing his lip was busted and bleeding from my foot driving his teeth into it, “This isn’t good…”
“Get back over here!” Devari demanded.
           The Mammoth did so. I watched as Devari lowered himself on to The Mammoth. He grabbed the Mammoth’s penis, sliding it in. Devari’s ass swallowed every cubic inch of The Mammoth’s penis. However it was not without incident. Devari moaned and groaned as he rode the Mammoth’s massive penis. The Mammoth laughed, placing his hands behind his head.
“I can sit here all day!” He laughed. Devari then looked at me.
“See, not that bad…” Devari shrugged.
            I closed my eyes, building up the willpower to do this. I gave one last sigh as I got to my feet. Devari got off of the Mammoth, the giant stroking his member, as I stepped over him. Devari watched as I lowered myself down, studying the way I moved. He assisted in putting the giant’s penis in my ass. It hurt like hell but wasn’t as bad this time. Maybe it was due to the lubrication.
            The Mammoth, looking at the ceiling, suddenly looked at me, alarmed!
“Ease into it…” Devari coaxed, “Roll your hips.” I did as was told.
“No wait, FUCK!!!!” The Mammoth screamed, throwing me off of him. I landed on my side, confused. Suddenly, cum squirted several feet into the air as it erupted from the Mammoth’s penis, “Fuuuuuuucccckk!”
“What happened?” Devari asked with a chuckle. The Mammoth was at a loss for words.
“That mother fucker was tight! TIGHT!” The Mammoth said, pointing to me, “I feel like less of a man! Who busts after four strokes? This shit can’t be real man… Not even from a woman, either… A man did this to me!”
“Get back on it…” Devari said to me. I did so, remembering what he told me. Again, the Mammoth looked at what I was doing, confusion spreading across his face. He was breathing heavy, trying to hold in his moans. I said nothing, showing no expression.
“About to bust again?” Devari asked The Mammoth.
“No but…” The Mammoth said back, losing his train of thought. He laid back down gripping the pillows tightly as ecstasy spread across his body. The giant shook, panting heavily as I continued to roll my hip as his member tunneled deep inside me. The pain became numb after a while, this motion becoming extremely boring.
“Speed up…” Devari whispered to me. I did so, the Mammoth growling deeply as his closed eyes bucked open. He gripped the pillows even tighter as I sped up. Devari smiled at me, nodding for me to speed up even more. I did so.
            Suddenly, the Mammoth sprung up. He placed a giant hand on my back and he leaned over top of me. He then placed his arms underneath my legs as he began to pound away. The sound of his balls slamming against my ass did something to me! It sounded like sheer power as he hoisted my ass up so his tall frame could get deeper and deeper. This was the deepest anyone had ever been inside of me. It felt wrong… I wasn’t in love with the Mammoth for him to be so far within me!
“No… No… Stop…” I said, pushing the giant off of me. He looked confused. I stood up, crying, “This is wrong… This is so wrong…”
“What?” The Mammoth asked, frustrated and confused.
“No one has ever plunged that deep within me! Not even the man I love! This is not right… This is betrayal…” I said, clenching my face.
“If you want to see the man you love again, I suggest you get back down here and take all of that dick like a man…” Devari responded. He was right. I had to get through this!
“I got back down, The Mammoth crawling back over me. He was considerably more gentle this time. He began to fuck me once more, drying my tears with a warm smile. It was strange laying here on my back, as this giant drove his penis deep inside of me.
            The Mammoth groaned, panted and moaned as he continued to fuck me senselessly. I said nothing though, only thinking about how this would one day allow me to return to Richard. I missed him so much! The Mammoth may have been a wall of a man more than Richard with a penis significantly bigger, but he still was not Richard! I missed him dearly, concentrating on him the entire time!
“Come on… anything? I know if it feels this good to me, it must feel this good to you…” The Mammoth smiled. I gave him a menacing looked as he continued to pummel away at me.
“This is nothing to me… Only an occupation…” I said. The Mammoth, offended looked at Devari who shrugged.
“Well okay…” The Mammoth said, continuing.
            This constant pounding became so routine throughout the week, I could literally sleep through it. Devari continued to meticulously scan me as I stood in the room naked. The Mammoth took his enhancement pills gearing up for this session.
“Has he loosened up any?” Devari asked.
“Nope…” The Mammoth said. Devari looked at me, shocked.
“What’s with you?” He asked. I said nothing, only returning an appalled look.
            The Mammoth came over, looking a bit too eager to begin. I rolled my eyes at him.
“So this is your last test before the next trials begin. You’re going to use your body like art. Your goal is not only to make The Mammoth cum, but to make him cum with intensity! You have to move your body in ways that allure any man, gay or straight. With your body, you can do it…” Devari smiled, tapping me on the shoulder.
“Alright,” I said before looking at The Mammoth, “Lay down…”
“Alright…” He said, surprised by my hostility. He lay on the pillows, his penis lying on his belly. I stepped over him, gently grabbing it in my hands. I had to make sure my aim was right as I slowly lowered myself into a split.
“What the fuck?” The Mammoth gasped, as his penis slid into me. I began rolling gyrating while his penis was inside me. I tucked my legs in as I lifted my ass up. I then lowered my ass one cheek at a time until it completely swallowed his whole cock. Then I began to bang his brains out, bringing my ass down with such force the clapping could be heard from across the room. He looked at the view as I rode him in reverse, being sure my body rolled fluidly like Devari had taught me, “Okay wait, shit, WAIT! AHHHH SHIT!!! Oh my god… Oh my god…” The Mammoth panted like crazy. I stood up, cum dripping from my ass. The Mammoth looked at me amazed before laughing.
“I can’t believe that just happened… I feel like a client…. I feel like a FUCKING client…” He laughed. 
            Devari stood, deliberating hard. He slowly nodded.
“You passed…” He finally said. The Mammoth got to his feet, his penis still throbbing. He extended out his hand to me.
“It’s been an honor training you. With the things you’re able to do, you’ll bring Felker Distribution revenue like no other!” The Mammoth smiled. I looked at him intently, judging him hard. Despite his hard and brutish appearance, he was a finicky gentle giant with a loving heart. I returned the smile.
“Nice training with you too.” I said back.
“Summer what is your complete range of motion? I didn’t know you were this flexible…” Devari said.
“Splits, flips, contortium in general… I can do it all.” I said.
“Holy fuck…” The Mammoth said softly, clenching his head. Devari looked at him.
“You turning gay on me?” Devari asked him.
“I’ve always been bi… Just got to pay me for it. But this kid is worth this whole damn industry. He hasn’t even learned everything yet and he still get’s my vote…” The Mammoth chuckled.
“Pretty high praise…” Devari said, looking at me intently. It made me feel so shy and uncomfortable. I felt so exploited but I had to stay strong and remember my mission, “You’ve earned your first free few days. You get this tuesday and Wednesday off. Thursday, week two begins for you… You hear me?”
“Yes…” I responded. He hugged me, this being strange contact I wasn’t expecting. He then left.
            The Mammoth and I were standing alone in the room. He looked down on me with a lustful gaze, a gaze he never gave me before.
“Whenever you want… I can give your more little lessons. I don’t think I’ll be having to take pills anymore to get it up for you…” He teased.
“That’s good to know but no…” I said plainly, grabbing a robe from one of the wardrobe.
“Damn, don’t be so cold… You made me a believer…” He laughed. I stopped to stare at him.
“I didn’t make you shit! Just don’t do this… I don’t like any of the things I do… This is not for me…” I said.
“Well, you’re good at it. Better than a lot of the top echelon crew up in this establishment. Just letting you know, people are going to love you…” He said warmly.
            I left, unable to take his talk. He was a genuinely sweet guy, but he was not what I needed. I needed to hear back from Richard or someone. This week had got under my skin and I needed to breathe. I looked up at the windows mapping a way up to it by using the crates and the catwalks.
            With half a minute, I had scaled my way to the top. The windows were open and had the roof  of another building atop it. However, there was some distance between it. I had to leap it to make it. Nonetheless, I did! I crawled out the window shocked by what I saw. Bazahra was roosting in the corner of the roof, not moving.
“Bazahra!” I said out, getting to my feet. She barely moved. She must had been sitting here for days! I rushed over to her, to see of she was alright. The poor bird definitely hadn’t eaten in days. However she knew I was here after following me to the building.
“Things bad…” She said to me. I opened the pouch on her back, seeing a ton of unread letters. I began reading them all.
            As I was, a large shadow passed overhead. It was Silver, coming in to land. He came over to Bazahra, regurgitating food for her. He too had a pouch, I pulled out the letter from it, placing it at the end of the stack to read. Silver then took off. The first few letters were from Roi and Richard asking for updates on things.
            I wrote responses to both of them. I then read the last letter. It was another from Roi, surprisingly. The news it gave was grim.
“What are you doing up here?” Someone asked. It was Devari followed by a few guards. They had guns aimed at me as Devari rushed forth, snatching my letters, “I remember your raptor. You’re the Illisian boy we seized several months ago. What a strange turn of fate to have you back in my… Oh my…” He said skimming over the letters, “You’ve been causing quite the sir!” 
“Please, I need those back…” I begged. He handed them to me, sitting down before me with a grin.
“What is going to be your next masterful plan?” He asked.
“I don’t know yet. I have to right my friend Gou… He has resources that might help…” I said back.
“Why are you here?” Devari asked.
“To be a whore, why else?” I shrugged back, finding pen and paper in Bazahra’s pouch.
            Suddenly a metallic streak bolted across the sky. Everyone flinched, unsure what they saw. Seemingly appearing out of nowhere, Silver was perched on the ledge Bazahra was nestled against. In his talons was someone’s unfortunate pet cat.
“Let me take the collar off of that.” I said, reaching for the poor cat’s bloody collar. Silver squaked at me, pecking my hand, “Hey!”
            Devari looked at me with peculiarity.
“You have two?” I asked.
“No, one is my friend’s…” I said back, watching as Silver gave Bazahra the the cat. She finally stood up, revealing just how much larger she was than Silver. Silver began ripping the cat apart feeding it to Bazahra piece by piece, “You’re acting pregnant…” I teased the bird. She paused, looking back at me.
“I hope not…” She responded.
            I looked at the bird wondering if she and Silver did anything. They acted like a mated pair but I knew so little on these magnificent raptors. It could be within their social behavior. Nonetheless, I continued to write.
It is imperative that we save Mercury. I owe him that much for being a part of this! I have nothing of my own so if you can bring me something to help out, that would be much appreciated. Meet me at the top of the Felker Distribution warehouse as soon as you can! I’ll be waiting…’
I folded up the letter.
“Can you fly, Bazahra…?” I asked.
“Sure…” She said, her beak covered in the blood of the cat.
“Okay, take this letter to Gou! Get it to him as fast as you can. Do not burn yourself out! And eat next time! I’m so sorry for not being able to get to you sooner! I’m so sorry!” I said, placing the letter in her pouch. I gave her a nice rubdown before she lept off the side of the building.
“Silver,” I said, getting the other bird’s attention, “You take this letter to Ricky…”
            He did so, taking off as well. Devari sat back, looking at me intently.
“What?” I asked him.
“You can kill anyone you want to. You can escape any time you want to. And you have those giant killing machines circling above… Why are you in my place of work?” He asked.
“I have some demons…” I sighed.
“I have so many questions for you… So many.” He said, beyond intrigued by me.
“Why?” I asked.
“You’re not just a slave to me. There’s so much more to you! I want to understand you.” He said.
“You’ll never understand me! I don’t even understand me…” I sighed.
“Boss, you’re walking a narrow line…” A guard warned.
“SHUT UP, SAMUEL!” Devari exploded.
“I just… I didn’t mean for all this to happen. I wish I could be back home with my family…” I said, clenching my head.
“Don’t make me feel guilty… Sometimes we’re pushed into positions where we feel like we have little choice… Shit happens. You just got to throw your fit and make plans for the best…” Devari said, “You seem like one of the people that likes to take charge of your life… Don’t try… Take advantage of what it throws at you and be happy… Trying to take charge of every aspect of your life sets you up for disappointment and pain.”
“I’m not that type of person. I will take charge and get the results I want. I always do…” I said. Devari furled both his eyebrows.
“Well, that’s fine… I hope that life satisfies you… It’s pretty much the opposite of what I just said.” He said, relaxing on the rooftop. I stared at him, unsure what this was all about, wishing he’d just leave!
“You’re just going to stay here?” I asked.
“You’re an asset I can’t lose. You’ve shown a capacity to be able to escape… I don’t trust you! So I’ll just stay here…” He said finally looking at me, “And watch you…”
“Fine…” I said, leaning back on the ledge. He chuckled at me.
“What?” I asked.
“Nothing…” He said.
“That means… something.” I said. He looked at me lightly with those golden eyes.
“It means nothing!” He said, again smiling. I rolled my eyes, unsure why he was getting under my skin the way he was, but the gods of this green earth knew I couldn’t be more bothered.
            Around an hour and a half later, Bazahra came swooping in. Her massive shadow woke up Devari who was startled to see her so close. I pulled out the letter from her pouch.
“Will be there at sundown… I have a plan…” It read.
“Who’s this person that’s going to be here?” Devari asked.
“Gou, my friend…” I said back.
“Gou?” Devari said, looking concerned, “He won’t rat this place will he?”
“He could care less… He’s a Free Agent!” I sighed.
“That sounds important. Describe him… I want to know what I’m going to be up against…” Devari said with a thin smile.
“He has virtually all the same physical stats as me except he’s an Easterner…” I shrugged.
“Damn, sounds like he’s competition…” Devari teased.
“What?” He said.
“Nothing, I’m just the jealous type…” Devari clarified. I looked at him, questioning his gall.
“You’re stupid…” I said.
“I know…” He chuckled.
            I couldn’t stand this boy! There was no winning or losing with him. He knew what buttons to push and how to get under my skin like no other. I fell silent as the wait for the sun to set began. It was an agonizingly long wait, one laced with guilt and concern. Soon, I noticed a grappling hook imbedding into the edge of the roof. Someone was repelling up.
            I got to my feet as a man in white combat gear and a red mask made it to the rooftop. Devari and the guards all sprung up,  the guards taking aim with their rifles.
“Men, stand down!” Devari said. I walked up to Gou.
“Didn’t even know you were here until Roi’s letter detailed it…”  I said. Gou took off his mask.
“Well, young prince… A Free Agent is a Free Agent! We roam…” He smiled.
“Prince?” Devari said, “You’re a prince?”
“Yes and no… Um… See, my father was a royal in kingdom way far to the south of here… He left for Illisia to live the life of his ancestors away from the glory and riches… He still kept relatively good ties with our family back in Tanzania… I know them well…” I shrugged.
“So you have royal blood?” Devari asked, seemingly upset.
“Is that a bad thing?” I asked.
“Yes… I can’t have a prince as a slave… That’s bad for business… You’re fired…” He said.
“No you don’t understand!” I pleaded, “I’m trying to get shit done!”
“Kijus… More important things are the matter…” Gou said, tossing a large matte bag on the rooftop.
            I opened the bag, seeing two black swords, one an Illisian guild falchion the other an Illisian guild scimitar. I picked up both, the swords feeling incredibly light.
“What are they made of?” I asked.
“They’re made out of gravitanium, the same material that the scutes of UCAC wingsuit pilot’s wings are made of. The more you use them, the more they grow a mind of their own.” Gou elaborated. I continued to dig through the bag finding strange wrist cuffs made of the same material.
“And these?” I asked.
“They are gravity wristlets… They enhance your mobility and can stop a bullet. Very, very advanced technology, you’re dealing with. Those slippers,” He said, seeing me pull them out, “Mold to your feet and also are gravity enhanced…” 
            Lastly, there was an outfit. It was a strange gauze like armor with tights. It looked very Illisian in origin.
“What does this do?” I asked.
“It can stop a bullet but it’s just mostly meant to look terrifying. There’s also a mask in there. It has an aural hook up to mine so our minds will be linked. We’ll be on the exact same page when we break into the Law Official HQ tonight.” Gou said, “Gear up…”
“Wait, you’re breaking into the Official offices?” Devari asked shocked.
“Yes…” I said back, putting on the combat gear.
“I’m not going to stop you,” Devari said, “But leave no trail…”
“The only thing that will be left… is destruction…” I said, putting on his mask. Gou began rappelling down the side of the building. I followed.
            To my surprise, Rejon and Bastion were standing in the alley, both with new saddles. I was thoroughly impressed. We reached the bottom, Gou walking up to Bastion. He reached into the stag’s flank bag, pulling out maps.
“My friend, this is the plan.  On the right flank of each stag are lechrum bows… These are based off the bows your ancestor would wade into battle with on the back of their dark stags, firing faster than the enemy could react. We’re going to be using the extreme speed of the stags to help us take out the roves. With the bows, it will be stealthy and won’t draw attentions. This will eliminate the chance of chase after. After that, we put the stags into position here,” He pointed to a location on the map, “I’m dropping in from the roof, in the interrogation room. You come in from the front door. I assure you, your armor will give you an advantage unlike anything you’ll ever see. You just have to turn off the lights… You make your way through the headquarters and then I’ll break into the interrogation room. Precisely at that time, we meet and annihilate any resistance… We get Mercury out and head to the exit where the stags will be,” He pointed to the area on the map again, “Then we bounce! You have any input?”
“None,” I said, “You’ve done this type of work before… I haven’t…”
“I specifically chose weapons that were advanced enough to give you an advantage against your adversaries but were not foreign to you. You use them the same way you normally do but get more far reaching results…” He smiled to reassure.
“Then,” I said walking over to Rejon, “Let’s get this underway…”
            We both mounted the dark stags, heading out into the lower ring. The headquarters was in the north eastern sector. It was an isolated and heavily secured facility despite being in the slums of Temptation City. There was a large moat, thirty feet deep and ninety feet wide separating the warehouse district from the headquarters. There were isolated bridges separated every quarter of a mile for the rovers.
            We stood in the docking station of a warehouse. These advanced masks allowed us to see in great detail from afar. We could see the rovers, some on foot, some on horseback. The priority would be targeting the ones on horseback. They lined the perimeter of the outer gate, walking at a measly pace completely unaware that death was coming. I reached for my bow.
“You seem ready…” Gou said to me.
“I am…” I said back.
            We were off! Both the stags sprinted.
“You take the horseback rovers close to the perimeter and I’ll take the rovers on this side of the moat… We stay parallel!” Gou said. It was like his voice was in my head, “We’re in an aural link! Our minds are synchronized… Creepy right?”
“Yes…” I thought back.
            Gou veered off staying on his side of the moat. I crossed the bridge. A watch stander stood up as he saw me coming.
“Hey...AGH!!!” He said, falling as an arrow passed through his chest. I continued forth, seeing Gou was a bit ahead of me. He slowed down, the two of us becoming parallel. He was heading straight towards a set of rovers on horseback.
            The skilled bowman shot them both within the span of a second. I was coming up on a rover from behind. He didn’t see me coming as the arrow embedded deep into his back. Both Gou and I kept progressing. He was facing rovers while I was coming up behind rovers. The rovers saw me taking out their comrades, putting their horses in a full sprint to cross a bridge to deal with me.
            Neither Bastion or Rejon were in full sprints. They were bounding similar to what normal antelopes did for traveling across extreme distances. The bounding of a dark stag was equal to the pace of a sprinting horse. With the rovers closing in on me, Gou pushed Bastion to his limit of speed. The rovers crossed the bridge, pursuing me. I began to push Rejon’s speed.
            As the rovers fell into pursuit, Bastion leaped over the moat. As he did, Gou fired his bow at the rovers. He shot three of the six. He landed beside another, Bastion headbutting the horse, forcing it and the rover into the moat. Gou then grabbed his staff, knocking more rovers off their horses. He was efficient, and clean, dispatching the many rovers before they could react.
            Still there were rovers ahead. They pushed their horses to the maximum, running the length of the perimeter to reach the entrance.
“Come on Rejon… We can’t let him get inside!” I said. The mighty dark stag continued to sprint, gaining on the rover. He was running far too fast for me to take aim with my bow. I unsheathed my scimitar, as we closed. The gate was coming up fast.
            With just a few moments to spare, the blade decapitated the man. He rolled off his horse, his head and body falling near each other. I sheathed the saber, as we continued around the perimeter. Eventually all the rovers were taken down outside the perimeter.
            Rejon and Bastion leapt over the fencing with ease their size wouldn’t suggest. Here there were rovers on foot, easy targets! Gou and I began taking them out, Gou using his staff to bash their skulls while I slashed with the scimitar. It almost felt unfair. These patrols didn’t see us coming. It made the advantages of using a dark stag clear compared to being on foot or horseback. They had speed, stealth, agility and power! They were the perfect platform to combat any threat this city could throw.
            With the area clear, Gou and I headed to the front of the law official headquarters. I unmounted, standing at the front doors. Gou led Rejon around the other side, to the point of exit. As I made my way to the door, my stomach twisted into knots. What was I about to get myself into? I waited just out of sight, ready to spring into the door.
“I’m moving to position…” Gou said through the aural link.
“Alright.” I said back.
            I sighed, pushing the door open for the headquarters. Everyone paused, looking at the door. They all sat at their desks, staring as I stepped forth. Fear was spread across their face, unsure what to make of the man in black shreds, a mask and bloody blades coming forth. Someone began to get to their feet, an unnerved expression written across his face.
“You don’t seem authorized to be here?” He said, unsure.
            I was so nervous, standing before these men. There were dozens of them!
“Kijus…” Gou communicated over the aural link, “Take out the lights and go to work…”
            Slowly, I looked at the lights above my head. One by one they began to explode. Something in the display behind the mask flashed a strange abbreviation, EMP. I didn’t know what an EMP was but it seemed to disable the lighting.
“What the fuck?” Someone asked out, as panic began to spread.
“How is he doing this?” Another man asked.
            Somehow, the darkness didn’t prohibit my sight! It had to be this mask.
“Quick…” Someone said, rushing to a cupboard. He pulled up a windup torch, cranking it. I rushed forward in the darkness. The man winding up the torch got the light to work. Just as he shined it in the darkness, he was met with my blades.
            The sensation was weird. It was as though these blades had a reverse recoil and a mind of their own. It felt as though they could read my thoughts before I could make them come to fruition. Several other people had warmed up their torches, shining them on their dead friend. It was a shock to see the dead body before them. A chilling silence spread across the room before panic set in.
            Frantically everyone began to search.
“Where’d that thing go?” Someone asked. I had escaped to the rafters above their heads. I moved through them slowly, quietly and stealthily, waiting for someone in the loft-like office space to isolate themselves.
“That’s it, I’m getting a gun…” Someone said. A man ran towards the armory. Just what I wanted.
            The man unlocked the armory reaching for numerous guns. He began tossing them to several others around him. Without anymore hesitation, I launched of the ceiling onto the man, digging both of my blades into the man’s chest. The law officials opened fire on me. As they did, these blades, knocked the bullets out the sky, moving my wrists at speeds I wasn’t expecting. This shocked me. These blades placed the power of a god on your hands.
            It was the confidence I needed. I rushed forward, the blades continuing to deflect bullets, rotating and blocking every round that was fired. The falchion slid it’s razor sharp curved edge across the belly of another man as I spun. The scimitar found it’s hooked end embedding into the forehead of another. I pulled the blade from his forehead, the man being thrown to the floor.
            The falchion continued to take charge of my body, deflecting bullets as the men shot at me. The falchion dismembered many men while the scimitar’s speed disemboweled others. The speed of the assault kept the men from continuing to shoot. As I came down with the falchion on one man, he deflected with his rifle, the mighty longsword embedding deep into gun. I yanked the rifle out of his hand with the falchion, the man looking at the expressionless red mask. He had fear in his eyes as he knew death was only seconds away! The scimitar hacked into his neck, it’s hook imbedding into the bone as I flung him into another of his comrades.
“Okay!” Someone said, dropping his gun. He got on his knees crying as he placed his hands behind his head. The handful of remaining officials surrendered as well.
            As they did, one took off down the hall.
“INTRUD- AGHHHHHH!” He fell as the scimitar whirled through the air, embedding into his shoulder.
“Don’t kill us…” A law officer said. I looked at them, unsure whether or not I should.
“Kill all that stand in your way… Leave no one to witness…” Gou said to me. I nodded, before sending the long sweeping falchion across the belly of the three men.  
            I began to walk down the hall where the man who tried to flee was. He was still crawling. I yanked the scimitar out of his shoulder before digging the hook of the saber deep into his skull. I continued to walk down the hall, the Official law headquarters being a labyrinth.
“Where am I?” I asked myself.
“Head down the hall you’re on, take a left to the adjacent corridor and you’ll see a room with two heavy doors on the left side. Your blades can cut through the doors easily. Mercury is in that room!” Gou said through the aural link.
“And where will you be?” I asked.
“I’m moving into position now. With this stretch, it’s important for you to go unnoticed. That means take out anyone who could be a witness. We may have to fight our way out…” Gou continued.
“Whatever…” I sighed, wanting this night to be over.
            I did as instructed. Making pace through the halls. There were a number of offices and labs in the section of the building as well as isolated cells for holding. Screaming from down the hall had me worried.
“Oh my god…” Gou said.
“What?” I asked.
“There’s another captive… a child!” He said, “I’m moving now!”
            Suddenly the sound of glass shattering ringed through the halls. A  number of people came from their workspaces at the sound. They entered the room with the heavy doors. This was the room the screams were coming from, the room Mercury was in! I chased after them, unsure what was happening inside.
            To my shock, Gou had broken through the skylight, engaging in combat with a number of men. I rushed in leaping onto the wall to spring myself onto a man sizing up Gou from behind. I sprung off the guy, flipping towards another. The falchion hacked through his shoulder as the scimitar sliced through the throat of another man. I yanked the falchion out of the clavicle of the man behind me as I spun around to kick a man rushing towards me
            Gou was a beast of his own making. While I relied heavily on speed and acrobatics, he relied on sheer brute power as he and his combat botons cracked through the skulls of many of the reinforcements. His armor plated elbows slammed into the heads of numerous men, his boots sending many flying to the walls. While most of my fighting was done in the air, his was done planted firmly on the floor.
            It was a system that worked well as the room’s floor was littered with every reinforcement that had showed up. It was an exhausting fight though. I walked over to Mercury, cutting him out of his chains. I helped him to his feet, the boy wincing in pain as he was hoisted up.
“He’s not looking good…” I said through the aural link.
“Neither is this kid…” Gou said, snapping the younger boy’s restraints. I looked at him, recognizing the kid as the pickpocket that Mercury was good friends with.
“No…” I said, hating the fact that he was dragged into this as well.
            Gou said nothing else of it. It made me feel no better, as we toted both boys out. We headed down the hall.
“The exit point is down an adjacent hall…” Gou said.
“Alright…” I sighed, exhausted. We were all most out.
            However, things never went to plan. A number of armed reinforcements had come in a last ditch effort to stop us. They took aim at us.
“Freeze!” One of the officials said. We were surrounded on both sides of the long hall. I began to grow very tired of this night, easing Mercury to the floor. Gou did the same, easing the kid on his back down right beside Mercury. He turned to face the officials on the other end of the hall.
“Turn off the lights…” Gou said to me.
“My pleasure…” I said back. I looked up at the flourescent bulbs in the hall. Each one began to explode, darkness spreading through the halls!
“Now!” Gou said, launching his attack. I did the same. The thirty or so men fighting blind on the dark were overwhelmed by Gou and I. They were dispatched within seconds. By now, Gou and I were both tired.
            I hoisted up Mercury in the darkness, Gou picking up the kid. He led us down the hall past the dead bodies. We reached the exit where the two dark stags were.
“That was fairly, simple… a lot more simple than I could have imagined…” I said.
“These suits are state of the art highly machined pieces of work. Not to mention,” Gou said, hoisting the kid onto the back of Bastion, “You have incredible skills that not many people can combat against… You are an Illisian warrior…”
“I try to not show that Illisian nature… Underneath the cool, calm and collected nature,” I said back, placing the barely conscious Mercury onto Bastion, “We are some pretty awful, and barbaric people… Our civil wars are not pretty! But I’m only half Illisian. My father, was a Tanzanian man of Bantu and Persian descent. He belogned to a different warrior tribe all together, the most powerful in all of the land. I’ve heard the stories of his people’s combat abilities. He and my mother trained me on both cultures before what happened when I was seven. My maternal uncle continued to train me in Illisian sword fighting and hand to hand combat up until I was sixteen…”
“So when I left the blessed lands what happened?” Gou asked, tying both Mercury and the kid down.
“We went through I our worst drought. Years later, when the rains returned, the animals didn’t. By then my parents were both gone so I was already on my own and pretty adept at living off of nothing. The remnants of our family had broken up to spread the resources we could scavenge even thinner and to reduce conflict. What about you?” I asked.
“When you met me, I was already doing my Free Agent training for the UCM. It started pretty young and I needed exposure. The canyon civilization I call my own, is the Free Agent base camp where we send our merchants out to report on corrupt regimes. This operation you’re in has unearthed some dirty politics,” Gou said climbing onto Rejon, extending out his hand for me to climb after him, “This is what us free agents specialize in.”
“You want me to help out with bringing down the people that need to be brought down?” I asked, wondering if he was insinuating this.
“With your skillset, that would be wonderful.” Gou shrugged as I climbed on, “But that means you’d have to get out of that filthy brothel…”
“I can’t you know it…” I sighed.
“Well,” Gou responded, kicking Rejon’s sides to get him moving, “I’ll have to hold off on saving this city until you leave.”
“You may be a friend but I’m not one to hold up your job…” I said, whistling for Bastion to follow. To my surprise, the smart antelope did so, “Who’s been training him?”
“Roi…” Gou said back, “He’s adamant on making sure you succeed. You have a lot of promises riding on you.”
“I know…” I sighed as we made it out from the rear of the headquarters.
            Rejon and Bastion still managed to get up to a full bound despite the doubled payload. Dark stags and their strength never failed to impress me. There was no wondering why the people in Tanzania would use these mighty antelope. The perimeter was coming up on the horizon. As it did, I could see horsemen in the distance.
            Slowly, I reached for the bow on the side of the mount.
“More reinforcements?” I asked.
“I believe so.” He said, as we hopped over the perimeter fence. I could see the signature patrol official’s trench coat as the horsemen came closer. Without hesitation, I took aim calculating the displacement I’d need considering Rejon’s speed.
            I fired, the arrow digging into the neck of the horseback rover. He fell off, the horse still galloping.
“Are we taking out all who see us or making a run for it?” I asked.
“A mix of both… We don’t want any witnesses tracing us back to anywhere.” Gou said.
“Okay…” I responded, whistling a command to both Rejon and Bastion. Both antelopes began to sprint, Gou steering Rejon back to the brothels. He took the long desolate alleyways where very few people would be.
            We arrived back at the Felker distribution warehouse where I dismounted Rejon. Gou looked at me, saddened about what I was about to do.
“Stay safe my friend. If you need anything, it takes Bazahra only an hour to reach my canyons.” He said.
“Just keep me up to date… I’m learning this place, building a routine…” I nodded.
“Very well!” He said, before whistling commands to Rejon and Bastion. I watched the two stags disappear into the desolate night streets of the lower ring. It was a strange feeling. I literally could have left, and not came back to this horrid place but I was dedicated to my mission! That feeling of no turning back began to overwhelm me once again. I scaled the side of the building, getting back to the top. The window I initially crawled out of was daunting. I didn’t want to go back inside. Nonetheless I did, entering the brothel, scaling down the crates and platforms to find my cell.
            It was locked. I guess there was nowhere for me to spend the night. Sighing, I walked around, the guards all looking at me with scalding seriousness.
“You came back…” Someone said. I turned, unsure why it brought such joy to me to see Devari.
“Yeah…” I smiled.
“I can’t work with you… If you’re royalty though….”
“I’m NOT royalty! My father was a leader of a tribe… that is all.” I said, clenching my head. Devari looked at me intently, arms folded, nostrils flared.

“Very well…” He said.         


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