My First Post!!!!

This is the birth of my very first blog! I'll be posting Fan Fiction, Fan Art and Fiction of my own and Fictional art as well. I'm going to take it one day at a time, not in a particular rush to output any material. I am a mad perfectionist so I work slow but I try to make sure my work is as well as I can get it without it being to the detriment of my creativity. 

I have to ask you to be considerate of the fact that I am bearing quite the work load between creating, revising and editing. I'm often left editing and revising my work three and four times over out of concern, but sometimes it's still not enough to get rid of errors. Please ignore the errors because they will be far and few between. I want the focus of my reader to be on giving constructive criticism on what they like, what the don't like, the plot progression, my story telling abilities ECT. 

I currently have dozens of stories on my computer but am super self conscious about them and feel they all need to be revisited before uploading them to my blog. I'm a bit torn between revisiting my more complete stories or fixing my current project. I am pushing for a new upload by the end of the month so, please be patient. 

Thank you!!!!! 

Sir Anarchy. 


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