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"Dark Stag" - Chapter 17

KIJUS:             Devari was fuming, unable to sit. He paced around his office as I sat there. It was hard seeing him this way. After he saw my deep cracks, I was finally seeing his. “I don’t have anyone who’s been working here as long as he has… Yet he’s so...AGH!” Devari roared out, frustrated. “I don’t trust him. He’s a kiss-ass to anyone with power.” I said. “I want to fire him but no one knows his job.” Devari paced. “Don’t. I’ll tell my sources to put him under investigation and dig up as much dirt on him as possible… I got a gut feeling he may be in debt as well. Check your finances, be sure you’re not bleeding somewhere.” I advised. “Most definitely.” Devari said, rushing to the row of binders on the bookshelves before pausing and turning to me, “You know what? You know how to keep me level headed…”             There was no response I could conjure up apart from a displeased stare. He continued forth, reaching into his coat for the most adorable reading glasse

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